Healthy Smiles: Try A Tasty Tooth-Friendly Potato Salad

Visiting your dentist and brushing your teeth are just two things you can do to protect teeth. There are other things your entire family can do, like eating a tasty potato salad with your meal. The following will show you why this potato salad can protect your oral health. Dental-Friendly Ingredients In Your Potato Salad Your potato salad will need a little raw honey. Honey is the first ingredient that you need to pay attention to because it has two bacteria-killing properties. Read More 

Three Forms Of Dental Tests For Determining Tooth Nerve Damage

An x-ray is one of the most common tests used to examine tooth root damage. However, this is not the only test your dentist may subject you to if he or she suspects tooth nerve damage. Other possible tests include: Percussion This is one of the simplest tests the dentist may perform. It just requires the use of a solid dental instrument, which the dentist uses to tap the tooth suspected to be harboring root damage. Read More 

How To Stick To Your Weight Loss Goals During Your Wisdom Tooth Recovery Period

If you are trying to lose weight, you know that progress happens with daily healthy decisions. In the days following your wisdom tooth extraction, you will need to alter your eating habits and your workout regimen. Here is what you should know about eating healthy and working out during your recovery period, and when you should turn to your dentist for guidance. You need not sabotage your weight loss goals because of your wisdom tooth extraction. Read More 

Is It Possible For Teeth To Be Too White?

It is no secret that Americans have a slight obsession with ultra white teeth. Over the past few decades the obsession with oral hygiene has gone from healthy to downright dangerous for some people. In fact, it has gotten so severe with certain people that they are going to unhealthy lengths to get the brightest, whitest smile possible. How Far is Too Far? When patients become abusive of at-home whitening products, their teeth can become prone to sensitivity and their overall oral health can be eroded significantly as well. Read More 

How A Flipper Can Be An Ideal Fix Until You Can Get Dental Implants

Dental implants can often be quite expensive and require you to miss a day or two from work as part of the recovery process. This is not always an immediate option for many people. Many people need to make arrangements and save some money before they can get dental implants put into their mouths. Walking around with missing teeth can be quite embarrassing though. If you are missing teeth and want to have a temporary solution to mask that the teeth are missing until you can get your dental implants, you may want to consider having a flipper made. Read More