The Ins And Outs Of Getting A Dental Crown

When you are dealing with a dental issue that could leave your tooth infected and decayed, there are a number of treatments that you will want to keep in mind. A dental crown is a very common dental procedure that you can take part in so that you are able to keep your dental health at the highest level. With these points below in mind, you will be able to learn as much as you can about these procedures and have a professional oral health professional handle it for you. Read More 

Time For A Big Kid Checkup? 3 Exciting Activities That Will Have Your Kid Chomping At The Bit To Sit In The Chair

The weeks leading up to your kid's first dental visit can leave you thinking you bit off more than you can chew. Yet, it is natural for a kid to be apprehensive about having someone other than their mom or dad peer into their mouth. While you know that there is nothing to be afraid of, your kid may need a little more encouragement. As you prep for their visit, use these fun at-home activities to get them excited about showing off their dental skills. Read More 

2 Tips To Help Your Teen Overcome Gum Soreness After Teeth Whitening

The quest for whiter and straighter teeth is not something that is only reserved for adults. Teens are often looking for the newest procedure or product to get a whiter smile. A tooth whitening procedure at a dentist or a kit from the store are both good ways to accomplish this. Once your teen is done with the procedure, they will most likely endure gum sensitivity. The gum sensitivity only lasts a few days and will slowly subside on its own. Read More 

Tips For Reducing Dry Socket Risks After A Tooth Extraction

If you have one or several teeth removed, then an open tooth socket will be left in the mouth. This socket will heal on its own and fill in with gum tissues. The healing occurs from the jaw upward. This means that you may see a small hole in the mouth where the gums have not had the opportunity to fill in just yet. A large clot will sit in the hole to protect the jawbone as the healing progresses. Read More 

2 Tips to Help Ease Sensitivity When Dealing with a Cracked Maryland Bridge

If you happen to lose a few of your front teeth, then you may be outfitted with a Maryland bridge. This dental bridge is extremely durable and will typically last for years without any issues. However, a Maryland bridge is not indestructible. Repeated force trauma can cause your bridge to crack prematurely. When this occurs, it is important to make it to your dentist as soon as possible in order to remedy the issue. Read More