Protecting Your Oral Health With Professional Dental Cleanings

Going to the dentist for regular cleanings is an essential preventative treatment. These cleanings can be crucial for maintaining your oral health. Still, it is common for dental patients to need a better understanding of the benefits of regular dental cleanings.  Regular Cleanings Can Reduce Stains On The Teeth  There are many different potential sources of stains that can impact your teeth. Not surprisingly, people that have developed noticeable stains may feel uncomfortable about showing their smile. Read More 

Everything You Need To Know About Oral Surgeons

Have you been referred to an oral surgeon by your dentist and are unsure what that means? You're not alone. When it comes to oral health, many people are unaware of the specialized field of oral surgery. Patients are often referred to an oral surgeon for complicated dental issues, like a misaligned jaw or an impacted molar requiring surgery. Here's a closer look at what an oral surgeon does and the benefits they offer to their patients. Read More 

The Signs You May Need a Filling Replaced

The days following a dental procedure to fill a cavity can feel strange. You might feel some grittiness on your teeth, and you might even notice that your bite is a bit off. These things are often normal. On the other hand, you might also notice some signs that the filling is failing. In other cases, the filling could be years old before you notice these signs. If you notice them, it's probably time to get a new filling put in place. Read More 

An Introduction To Dental Bonding

When it comes to something as important as repairing a smile, finding the right dental care services is crucial. Dental bonding is just one of many solutions for damaged teeth, but it's the right choice for many dental patients. This introduction to dental bonding will explain how this safe and effective process can restore your smile. What Is Dental Bonding?  Dental bonding is a technique for applying dental resin to the exterior surfaces of the teeth. Read More 

Considering Full Arch Rehabilitation: Is It Right For You?

Whether you're already missing all of the teeth on your upper or lower jaw, or your dentist has advised that you need to have the remainder pulled, you might be thinking about your restoration options. Although dentures are the most common solution, in this case, they can be uncomfortable and may not always fit well. That's why some dentists recommend full arch rehabilitation instead. Here's a look at what you need to know about this tooth replacement solution. Read More