Three Ways To Ensure Your Child Has A Great Smile When Competing In Beauty Pageants

If you have a child that likes to compete in beauty pageants, it is important for her to always have as beautiful of a smile as she possibly can. There are many things that you can do to ensure that your child's smile always looks great. Use the guide below to learn three ways to keep your child's smile looking great for her beauty pageants.

Ensure Your Child Has No Gaps in Her Smile

As children age, their baby teeth start to fall out as their adult teeth start to grow into place. Going to a competition with a gap in their smile may be cute on some children, but many judges at pageants deduct points when a child has a gap in their smile. You can go to a dentist to have a flipper created for your child to wear when she competes. A flipper is something that can be used temporarily during a competition without causing any damage to your child's mouth. It is custom fit to ensure that it is comfortable and is not noticeable to anyone who doesn't know your child is missing teeth.

Ensure Your Child's Teeth Are Straightened Discreetly

When your child gets older, they may need braces to straighten their teeth. Using traditional braces to straighten your child's teeth is not ideal when your child competes in beauty pageants because they can distract from your child's overall look. There are clear aligners that can be used to straighten your child's teeth discreetly. The aligners can be worn during the day without anyone being able to see that they are on your child's teeth. Multiple aligners are used to slowly move the teeth over time to adjust the placement of your child's teeth safely and comfortably.

Ensure Your Child's Smile Is as White as Possible

It is best to avoid using over-the-counter teeth whiteners on your child's smile because you could accidentally leave it on for too long and cause damage to their teeth. If you want to have your child's smile whitened, you need to be sure to have the dentist whiten your child's smile for you. They will be able to use whitening products that are safe for use on your child's teeth.

Your child will feel confident during their next competition when they have a beautiful smile. Be sure to go to the dentist a few weeks before your child's next pageant to ensure that he or she has time to do the work that needs to be done to give your child the smile that she wants to have.

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