Prevent Your Dental Implants From Becoming Stained

Dental implants need regular care and maintenance, just like your natural teeth. Everyday cleanings with the right toothpaste and tools will help you keep your dental implants looking their best without becoming discolored. These tips will help you keep your dental implants looking beautiful, pearly, and white for years to come. Use the Right Toothpaste Dental implants are protected by a porcelain glaze. It's hard and shiny, much like porcelain dishes and kitchenware. Read More 

Dental Disorders That Affect Seniors

You have no doubt noticed that aging affects every part of your body and much of it is unavoidable. Science has taught us that if we take care of ourselves better, we can slow down, reverse or at least lessen the symptoms of getting older. One area of concern as we age is our dental health.  At this point in your life, you may be noticing a greater occurrence of certain dental disorders that may have been less of an issue in your earlier years. Read More 

The Truth Behind 3 Cosmetic Dentistry Misconceptions

These days, there are a number of cosmetic dentistry options available to help you achieve a more beautiful smile. Tooth whitening, dental bonding, and dental implants are all popular cosmetic procedures requested by patients. Despite the popularity of cosmetic dentistry, however, there remains a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to cosmetic dentistry procedures. Read on to discover the truth behind some of the most common myths floating around about cosmetic dentistry. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Laser Teeth Whitening

Are you interested in using laser teeth whitening, but are not sure if it's the correct option for you? Then take the time to learn the pros and cons regarding laser teeth whitening. By doing so, you can make an informed decision regarding if that treatment type will match your expectations. With that thought in mind, here are the pros and cons of laser teeth whitening: Pros Of Laser Teeth Whitening Read More 

Tongue Looking Like It Has A Fur Coat On? 3 Things You Should Know About Black Hairy Tongues

Does your tongue suddenly look black and hairy? If it does, there's no reason to panic. While it probably is disconcerting to see a black film on the surface of your tongue, it isn't something that will cause you any health problems. Before you let your black tongue cause you anymore stress, here's some information that will help you understand the condition. What Is Black Hairy Tongue? The black hairy film on your tongue is probably causing you some emotional distress right now. Read More