2 Tips to Help Ease Sensitivity When Dealing with a Cracked Maryland Bridge

If you happen to lose a few of your front teeth, then you may be outfitted with a Maryland bridge. This dental bridge is extremely durable and will typically last for years without any issues. However, a Maryland bridge is not indestructible. Repeated force trauma can cause your bridge to crack prematurely. When this occurs, it is important to make it to your dentist as soon as possible in order to remedy the issue. A cracked bridge will likely leave your teeth feeling sensitive. Until you are able to see your dentist, there are a few tips that you can use to ease the sensitivity.

Avoid Using Your Front Teeth to Chew

If you are looking for a way to increase your sensitivity as quickly as possible, then eating with your front teeth is the way to go. Since a Maryland bridge is typically used to replace your front teeth, you will most likely experience increased sensitivity in this area. Therefore, using your front teeth to chew will only place undue stress on your cracked bridge and your adjacent teeth. Instead, shift your food towards your back teeth. Your molars will be able to handle the majority of the force that comes along with chewing. You can even cut down the size of your bites in order to make chewing much easier.

Keep Your Meals as Liquid as Possible

The trick to relieving tooth sensitivity is to avoid placing too much pressure on your teeth. This is difficult to do unless you plan to skip a few meals until your dental bridge is fixed. The simplest way to relieve some of this stress is to switch to a liquid diet. A liquid diet will ensure that you do not have to use your teeth in order to eat. You can get your daily calories and nutrients by drinking smoothies that are packed with both fruits and vegetables and drinking soups and broths. Vegetables can be added to broth; it is just important to remember to cook the vegetables for an extended period of time. The longer you cook the vegetables, the softer and easier they'll be to eat.

Experiencing tooth sensitivity as the result of a cracked dental bridge can feel extremely painfully. Therefore, it is important to get the bridge repaired as quickly as possible. Use these tips and talk to a dentist like Tore D Steinberg DDS PC about other ways to provide you with some relief until this happens.