2 Tips To Help Your Teen Overcome Gum Soreness After Teeth Whitening

The quest for whiter and straighter teeth is not something that is only reserved for adults. Teens are often looking for the newest procedure or product to get a whiter smile. A tooth whitening procedure at a dentist or a kit from the store are both good ways to accomplish this. Once your teen is done with the procedure, they will most likely endure gum sensitivity. The gum sensitivity only lasts a few days and will slowly subside on its own. For a teen, this discomfort and pain can make daily activities feel miserable. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to help them get through this.

Massage Their Gums with Clove Oil

If your teen has had their wisdom teeth removed, then you may be familiar with the benefits of clove oil. Clove oil is often recommended as a natural pain reliever following dental operations. The oil works well because it contains analgesic properties and will aid in calming gum soreness. In order to use it, the clove oil should be diluted in a tablespoon of your favorite carrier oil. Use a cotton ball or q tip to soak the painful gum in the mix. Instruct your teen to avoid drinking, brushing their teeth or using a mouthwash for a few hours. This will give the clove oil enough time to fully penetrate the sore gum tissue. You and your teen should begin to notice a difference within a few hours.

Instruct them to Hold a Cold Compress Against the Gums

One of the simplest methods your teen can use to get their soreness under control is the help of a cold compress. A cold compress helps to greatly reduce the flow of blood to the area. This will reduce any inflammation and any pain. You can create a cold compress for them using crush ice cubes. Take a clean plastic bag and fill it with crushed ice. Wrap the plastic bag in a thin clean cloth and apply it to the gum area. Your teen needs to hold the compress against their gums until they feel a numbing sensation. if they remove it any early, then they will not notice any improvement int heir soreness. Once their gums feel numb, they can remove the compress and reapply it as the soreness returns.

Gum soreness can quickly ruin the excitement of getting a teeth whitening procedure. Therefore, use these tips to help your teen overcome this temporary discomfort. For more information, contact a business such as Pike Dentistry.