Signs You Need A Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning often becomes necessary to keep your teeth healthy. Bacteria can get into your mouth even if you have a good brushing and flossing routine. This can lead to issues with your teeth. Some of these dental problems can be avoided or solved simply by getting a dental cleaning. Here are some of the major signs that you need dental cleaning. 

Tartar Control

If your teeth have a lot of plaque, this bacteria will start to turn into tartar. Tartar is a very tough white substance that is usually found at the base of your teeth. It needs to be removed to make your smile look its best. 

The good news is that professional cleaning can help to remove the plaque and prevent any new buildups. Once you've had a professional clean make sure that you schedule a visit to your dentist every six months. You can also use toothpaste that is made especially to help with tartar control.

Gum Disease

When a lot of bacteria starts growing in your mouth, you can get gum disease. Gum disease is also known as gingivitis. You will know that you have gum disease when your gums start bleeding. This bleeding often happens when you are brushing or flossing your teeth. 

Gum disease can cause pain in your gums. You may also see patches of red areas on your gum when you look into a mirror. Gum disease if left untreated can cause you to lose your teeth. A dental cleaning can go a long way to help relieve this condition.

Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is another sign that you need a cleaning. Bad breath can be caused by poor dental hygiene but it can also be caused by infections in your gum and from medications you are taking. Often though bad breath can be alleviated by simply removing the bacteria that has become lodged on your teeth and is mixing in with your saliva.

Bad breath often happens when you haven't had a cleaning for a while, so scheduling regular dental cleanings are one way to prevent this painful condition.

Taking care of your teeth is something that you should strive for. Aside from making sure that you are brushing and flossing daily, you need to make sure that you schedule time for visits to your dentist. During these visits, you will get dental cleanings if necessary. This can go a long way to preventing dental problems before they start.

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