Does Your Child Need An IV Sedation Dentist?

When you need IV sedation, you get sedation you need to comfortably get dental work done. When your child needs an IV sedation dentist, however, you might not know immediately because children tend to be more reactive and animated about procedures than adults do. In short, children may act as if a procedure is entirely uncomfortable even when it's something simple.

Still, IV sedation dentistry exists for everyone who wants to feel more comfortable and relaxed during a dental visit, and the procedure is not invasive. A simple IV is placed in the wrist or inner arm and an anti-anxiety medication is administered so the patient feels relaxed and calm while they are getting dental work done. Not to be confused with anesthesia, IV sedation dentistry doesn't require the patient to be put completely under.

Does your child need an IV sedation dentist? If you have tried IV sedation dentistry before and found it to be beneficial, it might be beneficial for your child as well. Here are signs your child can benefit from this type of dentist.

Your child hurts themselves or others during visits

Does your child have a strong reaction to dental work, where they become harmful to themselves or others, or create a distraction to where their dentist can hardly do even simple procedures? If so, then having an IV sedation dentist can be helpful, both to your child in keeping them calm and relaxed and to the dental staff and even family members your child may lash out at in fear.

If your child has never been sedated before, speak to their general doctor before beginning any IV sedation dentistry on them. Only licensed and properly trained dentists are allowed to do this type of dental work.

Your child panics at every dental visit

If your child has had extensive dental work before and now has a fear of the dentist, has special needs, or has an anxiety disorder or other condition, then having access to an IV sedation dentist can be very beneficial to them. Your child can have their work done faster and with far less pain and worry when they have IV sedation dentistry done. Another alternative to consider is the administration of laughing gas, which can be given to your child without an IV with similar results.

Your child should never be left unattended following their dental procedure until their IV sedation wears off. Once they have recovered from sedation, they should be able to go back to normal or comfortable activities.