What You Can Expect When Getting Dentures

Dentures are a way of having a beautiful smile, even without your natural teeth. Dentures are teeth created to look like natural teeth, although you take them out at night when you sleep and put them in every morning. If you are planning on getting dentures, you should know what you can expect throughout the procedure. Read on for some information about getting dentures, including the steps it takes to get them and what you can do to take care of them afterward.

Your Teeth Are Extracted

This may sound very painful, and you may feel some pain and discomfort, but the extraction of your teeth is done with you either completely under anesthetic, or partially under anesthetic. Your teeth are extracted from your gums, leaving only a few teeth that help work as anchors to hold in your dentures to your mouth. You will be without your dentures or your teeth for a few days until you can get your dentures made and fitted for your mouth. In most cases, only the uppers are done or the lowers done at once.

A Mold Is Created

A mold of your mouth is created to help make your dentures so they fit in your mouth properly and fit your gums and anchor teeth appropriately. The mold is made of clay, and then the dentures are made from this mold. A lot of times, the mold may not be exact, which is why you have fittings for your dentures to ensure they fit your mouth properly.

You're Fit For Your Dentures

When your dentures are made, you will go into the dental office for a fitting to ensure your dentures fit your mouth properly and there isn't any rubbing or other issues. The fit should be nearly perfect without causing you any pain at all in your mouth. Be sure to report any pain or issues with your dentist so any corrections can be made to your dentures. Once you have the proper fit, you can have the other dentures made for your teeth (top or bottom).

Your dentures should be cared for properly, which means you have to be careful with what you eat to prevent damaging your dentures. Things such as corn on the cob or even apples can damage your dentures. Be sure you brush them nightly after you've taken them out and soak them in a denture soak to get rid of bacteria that may be lingering in your dentures.

Talk to your dentist about what else you can expect when getting dentures, and how you should care for them.