Protect Your Teeth: How To Maintain Healthy Teeth During The Holidays

The holiday season is finally here. If you haven't taken steps to plan for your dental health, now's the time to do that. The occurrence of cavities and dental injuries tend to increase during the holidays. Unfortunately, that increases the need for emergency dental care. Luckily, there are some things you can do to protect your teeth, and the teeth of your family members. Here are some simple steps you can take to maintain healthy teeth during the holidays, and beyond. 

Know What's in the Treats You Eat

Whether you're visiting family and friends, or you're hosting a potluck, it's important that you know what's in the treats you eat. This is especially important where sweet treats are concerned. It's not uncommon for candies and cookies to contain nuts, and other hard substances. Unfortunately, those hard substances can lead to broken teeth, especially if you don't know that you're biting into them. To protect your teeth during the holidays, always ask what's inside the food you're eating, before you take a bite. It's also a good idea to label foods that you're serving, especially if they contain ingredients that could cause tooth damage. 

Plan Meals Around Dental Health

If you're going to host holiday parties this year, make sure you plan your meals to accommodate good dental health. One way to do that is to limit the sweets that you include on the menu. Another way is to increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you offer during the meal. Decreasing sweets, and increasing fresh fruits and vegetables can help to provide a more dental-friendly holiday menu. If you do plan to serve sweet treats, serve them with the main meal. That way, the sugar can be brushed away with the dental-friendly food you're serving. 

Get Creative With Your Gifts

If you want to do your part for good dental hygiene, take a creative approach to your gift-giving ideas. There are a lot of dental-friendly gift options you can choose from, especially when it comes to your family and friends. For instance, stuff stockings with new toothbrushes and dental floss. You can also give gift certificates for dental cleanings and whitening sessions to your family and friends. This is a great way to encourage good dental hygiene practices throughout the year. 

Promote healthy teeth this holiday season. Use the tips provided here to keep your teeth, and your family's teeth, healthy and strong. For other steps on how to avoid dental problems during the holidays, be sure to talk to your family dentist. Find a dentist near you like those at