Keeping Your Child’s Teeth And Gums Healthy

Many well-meaning parents may make the mistake of failing to effectively protect their child's teeth against common dental problems and damages. If you are worried about making these mistakes, they can be fairly easy to avoid if you are informed about the steps that you should be taking.

Keep Your Baby's Gums Clean

Before your child's teeth develop, you might assume that they will not have any dental care that will be needed. However, it is vital to regularly clean your baby's gums. This will prevent gum disease, which could severely impact the development of your child's adolescent and adult teeth. By gently cleaning your child's gums, you can remove these substances before they are able to cause these potentially serious and painful problems.

Promptly Have Orthodontic Issues Evaluated

If you suspect that your child is developing orthodontic issues, you should have them evaluated by an orthodontist promptly. Some parents will inadvertently allow these developmental problems to become far worse than necessary due to failing to have them evaluated. Even if your child is too young to immediately start wearing braces, an orthodontist will be able to help you with understanding the extent of your child's issues so that you can be ready to start treatments when the child is old enough.

Minimize The Risk Of Your Child's Suffering Dental Damage During Sports

Sports can be an important way of learning physical conditioning, the importance of determination, and other vital life skills. However, these events can also be extremely hazardous to your child's teeth as the impacts that may occur can be enough to break or chip the teeth. A mouthguard will be able to reduce these risks, but children will often wear poorly fitted mouthguards that may not provide adequate amounts of protection. Having a mouthguard custom fitted to your child's teeth can provide a more comfortable experience and greater protection for the teeth.

Regularly Change Your Child's Toothbrush

Adults will often make the mistake of failing to change their personal toothbrush on a regular basis. Unfortunately, parents will often carry this habit over with their children. If your child uses an old toothbrush, they may not be effectively cleaning their teeth and gums. For the best results, the toothbrush should be switched at least once every few weeks. By instilling this tendency into your child at an early age, you can help ensure that they have the lifelong habit of always using a fresh and effective toothbrush.

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