The Benefits Of Invisalign Buttons

Invisalign is a tooth straightening method that involves the use of clear plastic trays. As you wear the trays, the trays force your teeth to shift. Eventually, through a series of different trays, your teeth will shift into a perfect position so you have a straight smile. However, the trays alone are not always enough to cause the teeth to shift. In some cases, Invisalign buttons may need to be used in conjunction with the trays to get the teeth to shift. If your orthodontist is recommending these buttons, you may wonder what the benefit to wearing them is. Here are a few benefits to using Invisalign buttons with Invisalign trays. 

Can Help to Straighten Teeth That Otherwise May Not Be Straightened With Trays Alone

Invisalign buttons is a small, tooth-colored resin that is placed on the tooth to create a bump or a ridge. Elastics can then be attached to the Invisalign tray and held into place by positioning them on to the button on your tooth. Ultimately, this creates more force that forces the tooth to move. This is a similar force that is created with the brackets and bands on traditional braces. When Invisalign was first introduced, some people were not a good candidate for this, because their teeth need to shift more than the trays would allow. Buttons help to solve this problem by creating the force to allow for more movement. 

Can Help to Straighten Your Teeth Faster

Another benefit associated with the use of Invisalign buttons is that they help you to straighten your teeth faster. Most people want to straighten their teeth as quickly as possible and get on with the rest of their life having a perfect smile. Invisalign trays generally straighten teeth a bit slower than traditional braces. However, using Invisalign buttons speeds up the process so you can be done with trays faster. 

Helps to Hold the Trays in Place

The final benefit associated with Invisalign buttons is that they help to hold the trays in place. One of the downsides to the trays is that some people find them challenging to wear, especially after switching to a new sized tray. The tray can slip, shift, or move and create problems while you are speaking. Buttons help to hold the tray in place, making it more comfortable and preventing the lisp that is common when switching to a new Invisalign tray. 

Invisalign is a great alternative to braces for most people. However, some teeth need more help than what the trays alone can provide. Invisalign buttons help to move the jaw and teeth in a way that trays alone cannot, allowing more people to wear and use Invisalign. If you are looking to straighten your teeth, consult with your orthodontist to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign