Teeth Whitening; Who Is It For And Why Do They Do It

Wanting to have bright, white teeth is common for a lot of people. Our day to day food choices make it hard to keep teeth from becoming a little dingy and stained. The following can help you understand the teeth whitening process a little more.

Who Wants White Teeth Anyway?

There was a time when the only people that cared about having their teeth whitening where models and actors, but since the technology to whiten teeth have become so accessible, it has open the door for anyone to have their teeth whitened. In fact, it has become so common that you don't even need to go to the dentist to have it done these days. Teeth whitening businesses are popping up all over the place. Some are stand-alone businesses that you go into and there are others that are smaller, like the kiosk in the local shopping center that offers whitening while you are shopping. And the gender of the client is not specific, both men and women are seeking those perfect pearly whites, if for no other reason than to look their best every day.

In Office Whitening

If you go to the local dentist to have your teeth whitened, they will often use a laser for the procedure. After a full examination of your teeth, the dentist will put a protective gel on your gums and a hydrogen peroxide-based gel on your teeth. Laser light is then added to activate the gel on the teeth. It can be left in place for as long as a half an hour. The gel is removed and another round set up and completed with the laser. This process is repeated again and again until the desired hue is reached.

Whitening At Home

There are a few options for whitening your own teeth at home. Some are over the counter methods like toothpaste and whitening strips, and some are take-home kits put together by the dentist or hygienist at the office. Most of them have varying levels of success and may be repeated several times if needed. Whitening toothpaste can be used daily to restore your teeth to a nice white color and keep them looking that way. Keep in mind, not everyone gets the same results with any of these methods. In fact, some don't work at all for some people. It can greatly depend on what is staining the teeth and how long it has been going on. A lifetime coffee drinker or smoker will have a much harder time achieving whiter teeth than someone that has just a little staining on their teeth. Talk with your dentist to see if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.