Three Things A Dental Crown Can Do For You

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over existing natural tooth and then cemented into place. It is one of the most revolutionary dental restorations of modern times; it is useful for dealing with a wide range of dental conditions. Here are some of the specific things you can do with a dental crown:

Improving Your Teeth's Shape

There are many reasons you may be unsatisfied with the shape of your teeth. Maybe you inherited misshapen teeth from your parents or are worn out after several years of hard use. It may even be that you damaged (chipped or broke) your teeth after an accident.

Whatever the cause of your dissatisfaction, you can use dental crowns to cover each affected tooth. The crown becomes the new outer surface of the teeth, and its shape determines the shape of your teeth after that. Since the crown is designed in a dental laboratory, the technician has the opportunity to craft the crown into the desired shape.

Improving Your Teeth's Appearance

The shape of your teeth is not the only thing that may interfere with your teeth's appearance; you may also be unhappy with your teeth if they are discolored, abnormally small, or diseased. All these cosmetic issues can be covered with a dental crown. Note, however, that a diseased tooth should be treated first before it is capped with a dental crown.

Many dentists, however, are of the opinion that using a dental crown for the sole purpose of improving dental appearance is not exactly a good idea. Ideally, the cosmetic benefit should just be one of the advantages or reasons for getting the dental crown.

Strengthening Your Teeth

Lastly, you can also get dental crowns to strengthen your teeth. Maybe your teeth have been weakened by disease, physical trauma or root canal treatment.  Whatever the cause of the weakness, the dental crown can be used to cover up the weak tooth; the crown then becomes the new protective surface of your teeth. Note that if this (strengthening the teeth) is your main intention, you should choose crowning materials well-known for their strength, such as porcelain-fused on metal or all-metal crowns. As a side note, ceramic dental crowns are considered more valuable for cosmetic improvements than teeth strengthening.

Therefore, consult your dentist if you need any of the above dental treatments. The dentist will evaluate your tooth's condition and your needs to advise you on the best dental restoration for your case. Contact a company like Cross Creek Family Dental for more information and assistance.