Preparing Your Child For Braces: Three Things To Consider

When your child is ready to see a pediatric orthodontist for braces, he or she may be nervous. Preparing your child for this dental treatment can help to ease some of your child's anxiety and ensure he or she knows how to properly care for the braces once they are on. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your child for braces.

Schedule A Consultation

While you'll likely need a consultation to determine whether or not braces are right for your child, a second consultation right before the braces are put on can be beneficial. Talk to your pediatric orthodontist about waling your child through the process of applying the braces for the first time. He or she can show your child the brackets and wires and how they fit in the mouth, and the orthodontist may even be able to show your child pictures of the procedure. Knowing what will happen the day of the appointment can be calming.

Take Your Child Out For A Special Meal

Once your child's braces are on, there will be some foods he or she can't eat. Take your child out for a special meal the night before the appointment to indulge in some of those foods. This is also a great opportunity to discuss the foods to avoid while wearing braces, such as ribs or chicken on the bone, corn on the cob, and bubble gum. Knowing what foods to avoid will also help your child to avoid extra trips to the orthodontist for repairs on the brackets and wires.

Set A Brushing Routine

Your child may brush his or her teeth before bed and first thing in the morning, but brushing teeth after every meal is important when maintaining braces. Set a routine before your child gets braces, and have him or her begin brushing after every meal. This way, your child will already be in the habit once the braces are applied. You may also want to get a timer to keep in the bathroom to ensure the brushing process lasts as long as your orthodontist prescribes. If your orthodontist recommends a fluoride treatment, keep it next to the timer, toothpaste, and toothbrush so everything is organized and in one place.

Getting your child used to the habits of caring for braces and familiarizing him or her with what to expect at the pediatric orthodontist's office can help to ease anxiety. Be sure to ask your orthodonist, one like Cobbe Dental & Orthodontics, about any questions you have before the braces are put on.