2 Important Benefits Of Dental Implants You May Not Know

If you have missing teeth in your mouth or have teeth that should be extracted, you may be thinking about replacing them with dental implants. This is a great option because of the benefits offered through implants, and here are two key benefits you might not know about relating to dental implants.

They Eliminate Risks Caused By Bad Teeth

If you are considering getting implants to replace teeth in your mouth that are rotten, you will be doing your entire mouth a favor. Teeth that have decay on them are bad in many ways. They can cause bad breath for one, and they can lead to the development of gum disease if the decay spreads to the gums and bone.

It's also important to realize that rotten teeth contain a lot of bacteria. If this bacteria remains in your mouth too long, it can spread through your bloodstream and end up getting inside your heart. This could cause heart problems and could lead to other types of health issues, including diabetes. To protect your mouth and your body, you should never leave teeth in your mouth that are at a point where they cannot be fixed.

They Stimulate New Bone Growth

The final thing you may not realize is the way a missing tooth affects your jawbone mass. The jawbone is needed to support teeth and help keep the shape of the mouth, but jawbone mass can wear away over time. It can also wear away when a person is missing a tooth. For the jawbone to stay strong, it requires stimulation, and your jawbone gets this each time you chew or touch your upper teeth to your lower teeth.

When you are missing a tooth, the stimulation to the jawbone ceases in the area where the tooth is missing. In just one year, this can cause a 25% loss of bone where this tooth once was.

The best part about a dental implant is that it acts like a tooth and will provide the same type of stimulation as a natural tooth. This means that if you get an implant to replace a missing tooth, you will not have to worry about losing mass in your jawbone.

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