2 Antibacterial Mouthwashes To Protect Your Dental Implants From Infection

Dental implants are one of the easiest ways to treat missing or damaged teeth. They can often be shaped and colored to match your natural teeth. This ensures that your smile remains uniform. While dental implants are durable and long lasting, they can still become damaged due to infection if they are not taken care of properly. Infection is usually the result of poor dental care that occurs over a long period of time. Dental implants that become infected often result in implant failure. Once the implant fails, you will have to get it replaced by your dentist. This can quickly become expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, there are a few antibacterial mouthwashes that you can use to protect your dental implant from infection.

Lemon Juice Thyme Mouthwash

Lemon is not only good for flavoring food, but it can also help to reduce bacteria in your mouth. Lemon contains antimicrobial properties that are ideal for getting rid of bacteria growth. Lemon can be paired with thyme to create a powerful mouthwash. Thyme contains antibacterial properties that will kill off bacteria before they have a chance to accumulate. In order to create the mouthwash, place a handful of fresh thyme in a pot of boiling water. Allow the water to cool, and add lemon juice from a whole lemon. Use the mixture to gargle, and move it around your mouth. This mouthwash can be used at night and in the morning.

Peppermint Aloe Vera Juice Mouthwash

Peppermint is often listed as an ingredient in commercial mouthwashes because of its antibacterial properties. The herb is effective at healing open wounds and preventing infection in hard to reach areas. Peppermint can be paired with aloe vera juice to create an effective antibacterial mouthwash. Aloe vera is considered to be a cleansing juice, since it contains antibacterial and antiviral properties that help to rid the body of harmful contaminants. In order to create the mouthwash, add fresh peppermint to a cup of hot water and allow it to steep. Place this peppermint mixture into a blender and add fresh aloe vera gel. Blend until the mixture is smooth and has juice consistency. Once the mixture is blended, you can use the mouthwash to cleanse your dental implants after each meal.

The key to a successful dental implant is keeping it clean. Add these mouthwashes to your dental care routine in order to ensure your implants remain infection free. For more information, contact Vegas Dental Experts or a similar location.