How A Flipper Can Be An Ideal Fix Until You Can Get Dental Implants

Dental implants can often be quite expensive and require you to miss a day or two from work as part of the recovery process. This is not always an immediate option for many people. Many people need to make arrangements and save some money before they can get dental implants put into their mouths. Walking around with missing teeth can be quite embarrassing though. If you are missing teeth and want to have a temporary solution to mask that the teeth are missing until you can get your dental implants, you may want to consider having a flipper made.

A flipper is a small oral implant that fits into your mouth and disguises the fact that you are missing teeth. The dentist takes a mold of the inside of your mouth. A mold is taken of both your upper and lower teeth, as well as your palate. The dentist then sends the mold to a construction shop where the flipper will be made.

The flipper will consist of a thin piece of plastic that is molded to the exact dimensions of your mouth. Imitation teeth will be connected to the plastic in any areas where you are missing teeth. The imitation teeth are molded to the plastic so that you do not have to worry about them coming loose from the plastic. They are dyed to the exact color of the rest of your teeth so that no one can notice that you are missing your real teeth.

You simply place the flipper into your mouth and suction holds it into place. You do not have to use any gels or glue to keep it from falling out of your mouth. It will take some time to get used to the flipper though. It has a similar feel to that of a retainer so you will need to practice speaking with it in your mouth before wearing it in front of people. This will allow you to get used to speaking while wearing the flipper to prevent a lisp from occurring.

It is important to take the flipper out at night before going to bed. You can soak it in denture cleaner to keep it as clean as possible. The flipper is built to be quite durable, but you do not want to test the strength of the bond between the plastic and the tooth by eating things that are very hard as it could break the flipper before you get your dental implants placed.